Étiqueté : costume


Turdor fashion

LYNN Eleri Tudor fashion New Haven ; London : Yales University Press, 2017, 208 p. ISBN 978-0-300-22827-4 GB 235 Résumé éditeur : The Tudor monarchs and their courtiers are some of the best-known figures...


The first book of fashion

RUBLACK Ulinka (ed.), HAYWARD Marie (ed.) The first book of fashion : the books of clothes of Matthäus & Vet Konrad Schwarz of Augsburg London : Bloomsbury, 2015, IX-410 p. ISBN 978-0-85785-768-2 EUR 928...


Fashioning the body politic

PARKINS Wendy (ed.) Fashioning the body politic : dress, gender, citizenship Oxford : Berg, 2002, XI-260 p. ISBN 978-1-85973-587-9 MOND 694 Résumé éditeur : With an afterword by Roger Griffin. Fashion is often thought...


Fashion and museums

MELCHIOR Marie Riegels (éd.), SVENSSON Birgitta (éd.) Fashion and museums : theory and practice London : Bloomsbury, 2014, XVIII-210 p. Collection Dress, body, culture ISBN 978-1-4725-2766-0 MOND 690 Résumé éditeur : Why is fashion...

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