Nouvelle acquisition : Henry III : reform, rebellion, civil war, settlement, 1258-1272

CARPENTER David Arscott
Henry III : reform, rebellion, civil war, settlement, 1258-1272
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2023, XV-711 p.-[12] p. de pl.
Collection Yale English monarchs series
ISBN 978-0-300-24805-0

BIO 263

Résumé éditeur :

The second volume in the definitive history of Henry III’s rule, covering the revolutionary events between 1258 and the king’s death in 1272.
After coming to the throne aged just nine, Henry III spent much of his reign peaceably. Conciliatory and deeply religious, he created a magnificent court, rebuilt Westminster Abbey, and invested in soft power. Then, in 1258, the king faced a great revolution. Led by Simon de Montfort, the uprising stripped him of his authority and brought decades of personal rule to a catastrophic end. In the brutal civil war that followed, the political community was torn apart in a way unseen again until Cromwell.
Renowned historian David Carpenter brings to life the dramatic events in the last phase of Henry III’s momentous reign. Carpenter provides a fresh account of the king’s strenuous efforts to recover power and sheds new light on the characters of the rebel de Montfort, Queen Eleanor, and Lord Edward—the future Edward I. A groundbreaking biography, Henry III illuminates as never before the political twists and turns of the day, showing how politics and religion were intimately connected. (éditeur)


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