Nouvelle acquisition : Political objects in the Age fo Revolutions : material culture, national identities, political practices

FRANCIA Enrico (ed.), SORBA Carlotta (ed.)
Political Objects in the Age fo Revolutions : Material Culture, National Identities, Political Practives
Roma : Viella, 2021, 229 p.
Collection Viella historical research ; 21
ISBN 978-88-331-3847-3

EUR 1127

Résumé éditeur :

The importance of things, the vitality and mobility of objetcs, their ability to offer different viewpoints on life in the past, are all themes that have emerged from the many recent historical studies on material culture. However, the political life of objects has not yet been fully investigated.

This volume offers new analytical reflections and insights through a number of European case studies, and in this way reconstructs a material history of politics in the very significant period known as the Age of Revolutions. From the late 18th century and through much of the 19th century, various kinds of objects (pocket-sized), decorative, clothing and other), played an important role in the processes of politicalisation and mobilisation that accompanied, preceded and followed revolutionary episodes.

Examining political action though material objetcs gives us deeper insight into the activities and behaviours of men and women in the past and allows us to cross-reference different analytical perspectives that rarely interact. (4e de couv.)

Enrico Francia as Associate Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Padua. He has worked extensively on the political and cultural history of 19th century Italy, and on this topic recently published Oggetti risorgimentali. Una storia materiale della politica nel primo Ottocento (Carocci, 2021).

Carlotta Sorba is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Padua and founder of the Centro interuniversitario de storia culturale (CSC). She has recently published (with Federico Mazzini) La svolta culturale. Come è combiata la pratica storiografica (Laterza, 2021) and Politics and Sentiments on Risorgimento Italy: Melodrama and the Nation (Palgrave MacMillan, 2021, lt. ed. Laterza, 2015).

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