Nouvelle acquisition : Gothic linearization : the formation of gothic interior walls, 1120-1220

SATO Tatsuki
Gothic linearization : the formation of gothic interior walls, 1120-1220
Tokyo : Maruzen Planet, 2020, 234 p.
ISBN 978-4-86345-453-8

FR 2011

Résumé éditeur :

This is the first monograph that reveals the process through which Gothic interior walls acquired high linearity. This research is fundamentally different from previous works in its approach because it defines Gothic linearization, not by an increase in the number of linear elements but by a change in their profiles. The profiles of vault shafts – the most prominent linear elements on Gothic interior walls – from around 200 chruches were measured and drawn in detail for this approach. The analysis of these profiles led to the followingconclusions: twelfth-century Île-de-France churches began the process of linearization on their interior walls by employing rib vaults. Subsequently, the process was promoted through the introduction of round piers in the straight area of the central aisles, which were occupied only by compound piers during the pre-Gothic period, and these processes were uniquely progressive in Île-de-France.

From the perspective of linearization, this research presents new interpretations in relation to the introduction of round piers and rib vaults in the nascent stage of Gothic architecture, confirming the leading role of Île-de-France during this stage. (4e de couv.)

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