Nouvelle acquisition : Undressing Rubens : fashion and painting in seventeenth-century Antwerp

NEWMAN abigail D. (éd.), NIJKAMP Lieneke (éd.)
Undressing Rubens : fashion and painting in seventeenth-century Antwerp
London : Harvey Miller Publishers, 2019, 228 p.
ISBN 978-1-912554-22-5

ANV 73

Résumé éditeur :

The essays collected in this volume meet at a point of convergence between costume, art, and history, and focus on the seventeenth-century Southern Netherlands. Undressing Rubens looks at the significance of costume in life and art in the age of Rubens, confirming that, as is increasingly recognised by scholars of many aspects of early modern European culture, this is hardly an insular topic. Cloth and clothing in seventeenth-century Flemish paintings lead the contributing scholars north of the border to the United Provinces, south to courts in Florence, Mantua, Madrid and elsewhere, and east to Cologne and, ultimately, to Japan. Stretching back several centuries to provide critical context and points of origin for many seventeenth-century practices and ideas, the innovative research presented here also points forward in time, dealing with implications in later centuries but also, in many cases, engaging directly with questions of historiography still quite relevant today.


Abigail D. Newman (BA, Brown University; PhD Princeton University) defended her dissertation,‘Flanders Abroad: The Flemish Artistic Presence in 17th-Century Madrid’, in 2016. Supported by Fulbright,Mellon-Council for European Studies and Belgian American Educational Foundation fellowships, her dissertation received her department’s Faggen award. Her articles have appeared in the Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek and De zeventiende eeuw, and she is the author of Rubens’s St. Andrew “de los Flamencos”: Altarpiece Enframed by a Spanish-Flemish Community (Antwerp: Rubenshuis/BAI, 2018),which she researched and wrote while serving as a Research Curator at the Rubenshuis in 2017–18. She is currently professor at the Universiteit Antwerpen and Research Adviser at the Rubenianum.

Lieneke Nijkamp is Curator of Research Collections at the Rubenianum – Research Institute for Flemish Art of the 16th and 17th centuries. She studied art history at the Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam. Between 2005 and 2009 she gained curatorial experience at the Centraal Museum, Utrecht, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., and the J.P. Getty Museum. In 2010–11 she worked on several projects at the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague, before starting her job in Antwerp. As curator, she is responsible for the Rubenianum’s (photographic) archives.

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