Antwerp Art after Iconoclasm : experiments in decorum, 1566-1585

Antwerp Art after Iconoclasm : experiments in decorum, 1566-1585
Brussels : Mercatorfonds, 2012, 311 p.
ISBN 978-0-300-18869-1

ANV 72

Résumé éditeur :
The beeldenstorm, or the Iconoclasm Fury, that raged throughout the Low Countries in 1566 is a key concept in the history of the Netherlands. This “popular uprising”, which was partially grafted on Protestant ideas and characterized by its iconoclasm, has traditionally and unquestioningly been considered a turning point in the history of the Low Countries. It is all the more striking, therefore, that this uprising has never received the attention it deserves in art history and that with very few exceptions there has been little to no interest in the development of painting just after the beeldenstorm and before the advent of the great Baroque masters. (4e de couv.)

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