The containment of organised crime and terrorism

containment-organised725FIJNAUT Cyrille
The containment of organised crime and terrorism : thirty-five years of research on police, judicial and administrative cooperation
Leiden : Brill, 2016, 971 p.
ISBN 978-9004-28194-3

EUR 956

Résumé éditeur :

This unique volume collects articles and contributions to edited books published throughout his distinguished career by Professor Cyrille Fijnaut, one of the world’s leading experts in the fields of organised crime, security and criminology. It makes clear what issues the author systematically explored over the years and how he helped to shape the fields in which he has worked, and continues to work. The texts, reflecting the author’s profound understanding of these complex fields and wealth of experience on a practical level, are presented according to topic. In addition, the volume offers English translations of seminal articles published originally in Dutch, thus making these important texts accessible to international scholars for the first time. The volume thus constitutes a unique and indispensable resource for scholars and practitioners, inside and outside the Netherlands. (4e de couv.)

Cyrille Fijnaut was Professor of criminology and criminal law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands (1986–1997), KU Leuven, Belgium (1978–1982, 1990–2004) and Tilburg University, the Netherlands (2000–2011). In the period 1997–2002 he was a member of the Global Law School at New York University School of Law. Prior to his academic career, he studied at the Dutch Police Academy and worked as a police lieutenant in the police force of the city of Tilburg. In 1978 he defended his PhD thesis on the political history of police systems in North-West Europe at the KU Leuven. In addition to his academic work, he has worked for the last 25 years as an expert for a number of governmental and parliamentary committees of inquiry in the Netherlands and Belgium with regard to organised and professional crime problems and in relation to security issues.

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