The irish in early medieval Europe

Irish-early551FLECHNER Roy (éd.), MEEDER Sven (éd.)
The irish in early medieval Europe : identity, culture and religion
London : Palgrave : Macmillan, 2016, XIII-272 p.ISBN 978-1-137-43059-5

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Irish scholars who arrived in continental Europe in the early Middle Ages are often credited with making some of the most important contributions to European culture and learning of the time, from the introduction of a new calendar to monastic reform. Among them were celebrated personalities such as St Columbanus, John Scottus Eriugena and Sedulius Scottus, who were in the vanguard of a constant stream of arrivals from Ireland to continental Europe, collectively known as peregrini. The contrinental response to this irish ‘diaspora’ ranged from admiration to open hostility, especially when peregrini were deemed to challenge prevalent cultural or spiritual conventions.
This volume brings together leading historians, archaeologists and palaeographers who provide – for the first time – a comprehensive assessment of the phenomenon of irish peregrini in their continental context and the manner in which they are framed by modern scholarship as well as the popular imagination.

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