New for now : the origin of fashion magazines

New-for-now340KONING Georgette, VERHAAK Els, RICHARDS Lynne

New for now : the origin of fashion magazine

Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum, 2015, 203 p.

ISBN 978-94-9171-466-5

EXN 2-93

Résumé éditeur :

Fashion changes constantly, but the desire to be ‘in fashion’ is eternal. For centuries people have eagerly followed the latest fashion trends. But how did one keep up in an age without internet, fashion blogs, Pinterest and glossy fashion magazines? New for Now explores how trends were spread before Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar appeared on the shelves. From the costume book in the 16th century by way of individual, hand-coloured fashion plates to the first fashion magazine to roll off the presses in 1785: Cabinet des Modes. There was no stopping after this and one fashion magazine appeared hard on the heels of the other, reaching an absolute high point in the Gazette du Bon Ton in 1912, full of magnificent art deco illustrations. (4e de couv.)

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