Early medieval Europe, 300-1050

Early-medieval290ROLLASON David

Early medieval Europe, 300-1050 : the birth of western society

New York : Pearson Education, 2012, XVII-394 p.

ISBN 978-1-408-25121-8

HMA 431

Résumé éditeur :

The centuries following the collapse of the Roman Empire saw extraordinary change across Western Europe – in institutions, social structure, rural and urban life, religion, learning, scholarship and art. This innovative textbook provides students coming to the study of early medieval Europe for the first time with the conceptual and methodological tools to investigate the period for themselves. It identifies major research questions and historiographical debates and offers guidance on how to engage with and evaluate the major documentary sources and the evidence of art history and archaeology. (4e de couv.)

David Rollason has been successively Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Professor in Medieval History at Durham University since 1977. His research has included the cult of saints in Anglo-Saxon England, twelfth-century histprical writing, the Kingdom of Northumbria, the enormous medieval liste of names known as the Durham Liber Vitae, and – currently – the power of place in medieval kingship.

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